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Material Handling

  • Ergonomic Push Pull Enclosed Track Rail Systems

  • Lifting and Festooning up to 4000 lbs Capacity

  • Workstation Monorails & Bridge Cranes—Freestanding and Ceiling Mounted

  • Workstation Jib Cranes—Freestanding and Wall Mounted

  • I-Beam Jib Cranes—Freestanding and Wall Mounted

  • Articulating Jib Cranes

  • Tool Support Jibs


  • Servo Driven Intelligent Lifting Device

  • Lifting Capacities up to 1320 lbs

  • Virtual Limits for Application Control

  • Float Mode Feature for Hands on Part Manipulation

  • I/O Interface for Custom Application Integration

  • Multiple Control Interface Options

  • Patented Track Crane Systems

  • Lifting Capacities up to 40 Ton

  • Monorails available with Curves, Switches and Interlocks

  • Underhung Bridge Crane Systems—Freestanding and Ceiling Mounted

  • Electric Chain Hoists

  • Manual Chain Hoists

  • Lever Hoists (Come Alongs)

  • Air Chain Hoists

  • Electric Wire Rope Hoists

  • Bridge Cranes and Crane Components

  • Below the Hook Lifting Devices

  • Food Grade and Spark Resistant Hoists

  • Beam Clamps

  • Lift Tables

  • Pallet Positioners and Rotators

  • Dock Lifts

  • Lift Carts

  • Personnel Lifts

  • Container Tilters

  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC’s)

  • Coil and Roll Handling Equipment

  • Turntables

  • Electric Winches

  • Air Winches

  • Manual Winches

  • Davit Cranes

  • Barge Positioners

  • Rail Car Positioners

Below the Hook Devices

  • Lifting Beams

  • Spreader Beams

  • Roll Lifters

  • Coil Lifters

  • Tongs

  • Sheet Lifters

  • Pallet Lifters

  • Air Hoists, Hydraulic Hoists, Explosion Proof, Food Grade,

  • Spark Resistant and other Specialty Application Options

  • Electric and Manual Chain Hoists, and Wire Rope Hoists

  • Chains, Shackles and Rigging Accessories

  • Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters, VacuMaster Vacuum Lifters

  • Vacuum Clamping and Workholding, Vacuum Pads and Components

  • Custom Below the Hook Lifting Devices, Lifting Hooks

  • Lifting Tongs, Lifting Beams, Spreader Bars and Fork Lift Attachments

Worm Drive Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Radio Remote Controls for Cranes and Hoists

Custom Manipulators, Air Balancers, Ergonomic Solutions

Synthetic Lifting Slings

Lifting Magnets, Custom Magnetic Lift Devices

Roll Handling Devices, Custom Manipulators

Hand Vacuum Lifting Cups, Powered Vacuum Lifters

Electrification systems for cranes, Control Panels, Flat Cable and Pendants

Control Panels, Electrification Systems for cranes, Radio Remote Controls for Cranes and Hoists

Conductor Rails, Cable Reels, Buffers and Bumpers & Slip Ring Assemblies.