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On the roof of the US Capitol flags are flown, packaged, and given as gifts by Congressmen. A crane is needed to raise and lower carts of flags. The existing 1970s structure had a load capacity of 500 lbs. Although it had been load tested periodically, it was not OSHA compliant. Left unprotected, it aged outside causing safety concerns.


The old structure was replaced with a Gorbel ‘Sleeve Mounted’ Freestanding Jib Crane with a ½ ton capacity. It was fitted with a Harrington Electric Chain Hoist and Motorized Trolley. The new design improvement increased capacity and reach. The Motorized Trolley provided superior hook positioning. The Power Rotation Drive offered more control and safety including ‘Soft’ Starts and Stops that eliminate swinging loads. A new foundation was built on the sub-roof level of the Capitol allowing a narrow footprint of the crane on the roof’s surface and thus more foot traffic near the mast. The structure was painted “US Capitol” White. Zenmar installed the system, performed a load test to ANSI standards and provided formal training for the operators.

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Gorbel designed three sets of freestanding workstation cranes. Each cell (workstation) consisted of two 500 lb. runways and two 250 lb bridges. The bridges travel perpendicular to the assembly line allowing operators access to the parts. Packers-Kromer Zero Gravity balancers were hung at designated stations to ergonomically support tools. Cells are capable of expanding to provide sub-assembly stations. The Gorbel system is painted with a custom color. Zenmar installed all three systems.

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Zenmar installed and tested a Gorbel 500 lb. articulating jib crane and a Harrington hoist. The arm of the jib extended far enough from the building to prevent the wind from knocking the load into the building under normal conditions. The operators placed a basket on the hoist to safely transport materials.

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Gorbel engineered a freestanding workstation bridge crane with air festooning that covered the assembly line conveyor. Packers' zero-gravity balancers were suspended from each station to ergonomically hold the tools. The consistent set-ups between stations allowed for quick and easy changes in the assembly process. The Gorbel system is painted with a custom color.