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    Precision Fastening

    In the competitive environment of assembly and manufacturing, companies must maintain a culture of continuous improvement. In this spirit, advanced torque and angle control tools can drive real results in these areas:

    • Quality control
    • Reduced warranty claims
    • Reduced repairs
    • Productive, accurate manufacturing

    Zenmar will work with you to address your most critical assembly challenges with transducerized tools suspended ergonomically to provide traceable results on your MES system.

    Our application specialists and vendors can provide complete process improvements using:

    • D.C. electric nutrunner and screwdriver systems
    • Cordless torque and angle control tools
    • Electronic manual torque wrenches
    • Air-powered nutrunners and screwdrivers
    • Hydraulic torque wrenches
    • Bolt tensioners
    • Conventional torque wrenches